Disco party

Brand New Disco Party!

You all know we love to sing, record and party but for some kids it isn’t their dream to record a song so, as an addition to our variety of unique parties. You can now book a Disco party, whoop!  Our beautiful building is already hosting lots of premier nights and private parties in the evening but now your kids can come in and boogie to our booming sound system, dance around with all their mates, play in our exclusive Fun-Zone as well as food and unlimited squash.

The Disco party is more of a custom party, you will have a party host but it’s your party so tell us what you want? Would you prefer us to play our PopStory kids playlist or play your own, maybe you would prefer the to use the Karaoke, do you want us to put on some party games  and prizes or maybe they just want to play in our exclusive fun-zone with our air hockey and table tennis? Get thinking, slots are booking up fast so get booking now!

We have also made some changes to our Pop-Tastic party, there will be no more overlaps, all parties now include exclusive venue hire so now that means you will have access to all of the building’s rooms and Fun-zone for the total length of your party! This used to only be for our more expensive party packages. We have also increased the capacity of the Pop-Tastic party from 10 children to 14. This allows your child to invite more of their mates and have a real party atmosphere.

ALL parties will now have access to the Karaoke system, Fun-Zone with air hockey and table tennis as well as the sound system for a play list.

The Superhero and Fairy-Tale Parties capacity have now been increased to 30 kids, so that means they can invite the entire class!


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